Eran Stern

 is a Business mentor, coach, author, highly-sought-after speaker, and renowned expert for creating meaningful change and transformation in people’s lives.

Eran is the author of "Fulfilling - Personal and Financial Realization in a World Full of Possibilities" which shortly became a best seller in Israel, and recently was published also through Amazon.com. 

He has extensive experience in coaching people to achieve ground breaking results.

Eran is the one called upon when CEOs and business owners look for a way to increase profitability, when managers and employees want to move up to higher responsibility positions and when people and entrepreneurs look for ways to turn their passions into profits.

While holding a senior management position at Intel Corporation, Eran engaged in international business ventures involving millions of dollars, led people and teams all over the world, and established a successful and promising career. During those years Eran established himself as a mentor to employees and managers in the organization and coached many of them to the senior positions they hold today.

But at the height of his hi-tech career, Eran felt that he is not fulfilling himself anymore.

Against the advice of most people around him, and despite common sense, he decided to leave the hi-tech Gilded Cage and fulfill his destiny by coaching people to realize their full potential. 

One success led to another and he never looked back. 

Eran Stern is the founder and CEO of “Outstanding Coaching” a coaching company, which in a very short time became a leader in its field. An organization that motivates, provides the tools, and creates a supportive environment for personal and financial fulfillment for thousands of people all over the world.


“Eran, Your knowledge and process for coaching people to achieve success is a sure way to get them from where they are to where they want to be faster and easier than ever before.I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to achieve more be coached by you.”

John Assaraf, author of 2 New York Times best-selling books “Having it All” and “The Answer”, who was featured in “The Secret”.“

Eran Stern wrote an extremely practical book, based on his vast experience and immense passion to help others gain the right habits and tools for creating a meaningful change in their lives. Every person is born with the ability for change. This book gives you easy and practical tools to activate this power.”

Gil Peretz, International speaker and author of the books “Obama’s Secret” and “Intimate Marketing”.

“Eran Stern presents a methodology that enables everyone to apply himself toward creating his envisioned future. Through his vast personal experience and with exercises and clear instructions, a road unfolds that will lead anyone to the most affective and short path. Highly recommended book to keep around when you embark on this great adventure of self-fulfillment.”

Nissim Amon, Zen Master and author of “The Wisdom of the East”.

Contact us at: info (at) eranstern.com


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